WooNoWriMo 2018 Wrap-Up!

Hey Wooster Writers,

I promised myself I’d updates once a week throughout November, but exams and final papers kicked my a$$ the last few weeks and it slipped my mind. So, What The Fuck happened?

*Redacted* finished her NaNoWriMo challenge early, I don’t think it was the twentieth yet by the time I got the message. So congrats to her.

I was doing okay until the last three days when I had to get down to business on my Junior I.S. so I did Pretty good on my 100 words a day challenge and dropped the ball at the very last moment. *HEAVY SIGH* I haven’t touched my document since. I made a promise to myself to turn winter break into my novel completion month, which is debatable whether I can manage it, but I’m determined. I plan to work at regular hours and not go to bed until I finish so… we’ll see.

We had an unproductive last two meetings: Promptsgiving, which I made a pie and whipped cream for, and our last meeting movie night where I think everyone enjoyed our impromptu screening of She-Ra? I enjoyed it.

As for the future of writing club: Annabelle is leaving for France next semester (we’ll miss you), we’re talking about starting elections when I get back, and we’re building the Writing Club Calendar.

If you have any prompts, writing structures, other suggestions you want to see over next semester please email me at my wooster email!

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