Fall 2012

September 2012: Writing Club was founded by Lauren MacDonald & Nicole Marton!

September 14th= First Meeting: Introduction to Writing Club

September 21st= Ice-breaker Prompt

September 28th= Writing Activity day: Pass-Along Writing Activity

October 5th= Theme day: Writing Resources

October 12th= Fall Break– No meeting.

October 19th= Special Prompt day: Dictionary-Guided Prompt.

October 26th= Project day

November 2nd= Peer Work Exchange day

November 9th= Special Prompt day: Image Prompt (everyone needs to email Lauren/Nicole an image!)

November 16th= Special Prompt day: Music/Video Prompt (everyone needs to email Lauren 1-5 minute link to youtube music/video clip)

November 23rd= Thanksgiving Break—-No meeting.

November 30th= Dictionary Prompt

December 7th= Planning for WooWriMo

Are Your Hands Wet?