Here’s a list of writing resources if you’re ever stuck on a plot, need writing prompts, or just want something to do!

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Writing Advice
Writing Communities:
  • NaNoWriMo:  a community for the strong-willed people who attempt to write a novel in November (NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month)
  • Writer’s Digest: this is a well-established community, it has prompts and other resources available
  • Goodreads: this is more of a reading community, but through this you can follow author’s blogs
  • Young Writers Society: a community for young writers to share work and get feedback.
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Writing Resources:
Fun Writing Tools
  • I Write Like: submit your own writing to this & it will tell you which famous writer you write like (accurate you ask? who knows, but fun nonetheless)
  • Write or Die: a website to help you keep writing or else
  • Written Kitten: a website to help you write– through kittens!
  • Text Compare: a website to see if you’ve edited anything.
  • Self Control: Can’t get away from your social medias? Ban them. This program keeps up from opening webpages that distract you and help you stay focused on your page.
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Articles That Have Helped Me
If you have any ideas for other resources to put here, feel free to contact us.
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