About Us

Hello Wooster Writers!

The founders of Writing Club came together in the Fall of 2012 because they wanted to create a comfortable space for them to write. With so much schoolwork and other obligations, it was their aim to find a specific time to set aside in their schedule to write creatively. They especially wanted the motivation of a group to push them to write outside of class assignments. Essentially, their purpose was to write, to create a writing community, to learn about writing, and to develop their own skills as writers.

Writing Club meets every Friday for an hour to do writing prompts and a variety of other activities depending on what we have scheduled. At all meetings, we make sure to devote time to writing prompts and sharing our work with the others. Specific activities vary on different days, so you can check out our current schedule  for more information.

In joining Writing Club, you will benefit from a supportive and friendly writing community that will help motivate you to just start writing! We welcome everyone and all types of writing. Feel free to join us every Friday at 5 PM in Lowry G42 and Every Tuesday at 8PM in Common Grounds.

We hope to see you soon!

~Members of Writing Club

Wooster Scot in the NaNoWriMo Viking Helmet


Are Your Hands Wet?