What is Love?


I’m sorry, I had too. But it’s the day after Love day! Now I know not all of my lovely club members like romance as much as I do, but that’s okay. We’re doing love stories today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own flair to it.

Pick one of the following tropes and write a story, poem, etc. using that trope:

  • Enemies to Lovers: When the two leads of a novel start to realize that their feelings of loathing are actually feelings of love. On top of fighting in some other sort of way, they’re fighting their true feelings, which is the best kind of fighting.
  • Childhood Friends: Sweet love is great. It’s fluffy and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. When two friends who’ve known each other since they were kids realize when they’re older that they are hopelessly, madly in love with one another.
  • Slow Burn:  Those quick glances at each other, those meaningful conversations, and finally after the whole winding journey confirm their relationship.
  • Forbidden Love: Here, our couple is attracted to each other, but can’t admit it because of forces that forbid them from being together. But it doesn’t change the fact that they’re in love.
  • Fake Relationship: There comes a time in the life of many a protagonist when they need to pretend to have a significant other.  There are all sorts of reasons to grab a buddy and ask them to pretend to date you. Just know that along the way, there might be awkwardness or even jealousy, and then real feelings might start to creep in. This platonic fake bae might actually be your One True Love.


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