Spring 2014

January 11th = The Onion inspired articles & Caption-this-Cartoon

January 24th = Bizarre Photo Prompts

January 31st = Noun, Verb, Adjective Guided Prompt

February 7th = Humans of New York Photo Prompts

February 14th = Love Themed Prompts

February 21st = One Sentence Pass-Along Writing Activity

February 28th = Medieval Art Prompts

March 7th = Spring Break! Happy Writing

March 14th = Spring Break! Happy Writing

March 21st = Spring Break! Happy Writing

March 28th = 5 Ws & a H Special Prompt/Project Day

April 4th = Workshop Day

April 11th = Ruin Your Week prompt: taking a good occurrence and flipping into a terrible occurrence

April 18th = Childish Beliefs prompt: inspiration from your own or other childish beliefs

April 25th = Cancelled, I.S. Symposium day!

May 2nd = Pass along prompt, discuss potential summer workshoping/videochatting plans?

March 9th = Summer Break, happy writing!

Are Your Hands Wet?