Special Events

During the course of the year we hold a number of writing club events to break up the year. These include parties, food based prompts, and, added in the 2017-2018 academic year, a number of NaNoWriMo based events. The list for expected schedule for these events is as follows:


  • Share Day: On the first Friday of the month we bring in pieces for review.


  • Promptsgiving: A potluck style feast which includes baked/bought goods decorated with prompts. Held before Thanksgiving Break
  • Winter Break/End of NaNoWriMo Party: Our last meeting of the first semester is a writing optional party including to close out the year.
  • Writing in¬†the Park: When it gets warm we write outdoors.

Month Long:

  • WooNoOutMo: Wooster Novel Outlining Month, outlining and preparing for WooNoWriMo. Held in October.
  • WooNoWriMo:¬†Wooster Novel Writing Month, for those of us who want to make the commitment to writing in November, but need to adjust the goal.
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