Spring 2013

Spring 2013 Writing Club Meeting Schedule:

Jan. 18th= Welcome to Writing Club, Ice-breaker Writing Activity

January 25th= Genre Prompt

February 1st= Pass-along Prompt

February 8th= Project day (Year One deadline is next Friday, The Goliard deadline is February 28th)

February 15th= Special Valentine’s Day Prompts!<3

February 22nd= Peer Work Exchange day (in preparation for the The Goliard deadline on February 28th)

February 26th= Emergency Peer Work Exchange meeting in preparation for The Goliard (we will also be editing our pass-along prompt “Candy Nightmare” for group submission to The Goliard)

March 1st= Continue editing “Candy Nightmare,” more peer work exchange time, and normal prompts (March 4th= new deadline for the Goliard!)

March 8th= Spring break begins at 4pm! (no meeting)

March 5th= SPRING BREAK (no meeting)

March 22nd= SPRING BREAK  (no meeting)

March 29th= Show and Write Prompt

April 5th= Nature Inspired Prompt (we walked around outside for inspiration)

April 12th= Image Prompt

April 19th= Poetry theme day, bring a poem to share in honor of National Poem in Your Pocket Day! (which was Thursday April 18th)

April 26th= Form prompt &  plan writing party

May 3rd= Writing Party— last Writing Club of the year! Perhaps watch & reserve Dead Poets Society!!?!?

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