Spring 2015

January 16th = 2 Nouns Prompt (one noun acts as an adj. for the other noun!)

January 23rd = Personal Project Day

January 30th = “Majors” Prompt– you randomly draw a College of Wooster major from a hat and then have to write something from the perspective of a person with that major.

February 6th = Workshop for The Goliard‘s extended deadline

February 13th =The Name Prompt: using a random name generator, we pull random first/last names for a character and write a prose/poetry/etc about them.

February 20th = The Mystery Object Prompt: everyone brings in a mystery object. For the hour, objects are randomly exchanged and everyone writes about the object. However, there is a specific twist to this mystery object prompt day: the character of your prose/poetry really, really desires this object… why?

February 27th = Online Generators as prompts

March 6th = Spring Break! No Writing Club, enjoy break 🙂

March 13th = Spring Break! No Writing Club, enjoy break 🙂

March 20th = Spring Break! No Writing Club, enjoy break 🙂

March 27th = Fear-related prompts

April 3rd = Prompts about Foolishness (in celebration of April Fool’s Day)

April 10th = “Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water.” – Kurt Vonnegut. We will pull random things from an envelope that our character really wants!

April 17th = Color prompt (prompt arranged by Alisha & Alex)

April 24th = Independent Projects, in honor of I.S. Symposium day!

May 1 = Last day of classes, last Writing Club! Pass-along prompt, summer workshop discussion

Are Your Hands Wet?