Personal Project Day (and more!)

Hey y’all. Just some updates about next week.


We are officially meeting at Common Grounds on Tuesdays for De-Stress Tuesdays from 8PM-10PM, if you don’t know where that is… look it up. This will be a chill, un-prompted event. All those attended are recommended to bring something to write with, moneys for snacks and milkshakes, and a calm quiet demeanor.


Our regular meeting will be on Saturday at 4PM in Kauke 141 (the door open to us will be the old main entrance under the arch), and we will be doing personal project day. Those attending are asked to bring a personal project to write or a printed copy of something short that they would like edited by other club members. We are suspending our usual quiet time for writing in order to allow discussion of pieces, so those choosing to write may want to bring HEADPHONES.


Anyway, see you there. I hope you are all having a lovely week.

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