Pass Along Prompt Day

Hey y’all.

Yesterday was Pass-Along Prompt Day, which went well, I think. Unfortunately if you couldn’t make it to the meeting, you can’t replicate it so well at home, but it is one of my favorite prompts, so I’ll definitely be doing this next semester if you missed it this time around. The basic idea is that you start with a prompt and write the beginning of the story which you will pass to someone else to finish. It’s great for people who don’t know how to start a story and relieves the stress of having to finish an opening scene. Some basic in-depth description works well for the first round and after that it’s all about going with the flow.

It went well we had a lot of people share and I heard some incredible work from all y’all who were there. I’m always surprised with this prompt because you start out writing and thinking “Oh, I know they’ll either do this or this,” but it turns out when they’ve finished they’ve gone in a drastically different direction with it and you think to yourself “yeah, I guess that was an option too.”

As for other news, Outlining October is still going on. I have failed very badly, but I’m still determined to set myself up for November writing. Keep on writing Wooster! To help with this process next week will be a Personal Project Day with a focus on outlining. Please feel free to discuss openly your ideas at this time and bring headphones if you want to write with more focus.

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