Hope’s Writing Accountability Blog: Day 1

Hey-o, it’s Hope! Your fearful leader! All hail!

So it’s winter break and I want so desperately to finish my manuscript before the end of spring semester. I’d say before the end of winter break, but I know myself. Seeing as I’m so far far away from my fellow club members who inspire me to write, I wanted to create this blog to keep myself on track (and off of Tumblr). So what’s the plan? I’m attempting to write at least 1,000 words a day everyday or finish a whole scene. In order to keep myself on track I will be posting here every Sunday (at least) to give a progress report.

  • I can never commit to a project for a long period of time, so my word count must be from my current manuscript project (labeled in Scrivener as “Gurgle”).
  • In order to keep me from loading up to take days off (there are no days off), the amount missed from 1,000 words per day is to be added to a weekly pool to be finished by the end of the week, or else that amount is to be doubled and rolled onto the next week.
  • In order to keep strict work hours, my internet access is to be restricted to absolute necessities during my writing time. Only to be lifted at ten.
  • I get desert (including chocolate) only after I finish my daily goal. All other snacks are to be fruit and tea.
  • Each week on Sunday I am to give a broad scale hope of what scenes I want to accomplish by the end of the new week, which will be recounted next Sunday.
  • I’m not allowed to go back and edit until I finish the week’s goal.

With all that in mind, I want to schedule in a two week reevaluation of the rules and goals to adjust what is not working for me. Now for my Goal:

  • I’m fairly close to the section I introduce Gurgle in which I will have some stuff I can copy and paste, therefore I want to get to the end of Gurgle’s introduction and her and Tes’ meeting.
  • My stretch goal is the end of Tes’ time in Everbrook
  • My Mega stretch goal is Mabel’s reintroduction.


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