Bringing Back WooWriMo

Hey Ya’ll, (Dang I really need an I really need an intro for these posts… Let’s see what do I gots in the storage bin…  “Hellllloooo Everybody my name is Hopikat”… no… “My sculpted bronze arms were filled to the brim with crinkly intro-bags and semi-squished pre-packaged descriptions”…no… “I’m the llama overlord…” IDK…), anyway, I want to bring back WooWriMo this year. So I am. Period. I’m doing that. I’m not, however, going to be starting it up in November because I don’t have a death wish. I’ll be doing Camp NaNoWriMo this summer in July.

I’ll be posting on here regularly during that time so follow along if you want to hear about writer’s block. Also, take the leap yourself this summer if you have the time. You can set your own goal, and change it if you need too, and I’ll be here to vent to if you want. Find me at my Camp NaNoWriMo account (llama-overlord) and go for it. One month no looking back! I’ll be planning the month before so if you have any tips please comment below, and have a great start to summer!


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