Art Prompt Week!

Hey, y’all. This week we’re doing Art Prompts. If you can’t make it to our meeting, there’s a link to our art prompt presentation, and all of the art that I pick from is on our Tumblr (yes we have a Tumblr now), it’s updated daily (and there’s other prompts, writing advice, etc. there). I recommend selecting a number and seeing what’s on that slide to write on, but by all means take a look around and see what inspires you. We have examples of scenes, concepts, characters, and the like so remember inspiration doesn’t just come in the shape of story ideas. Prompts can help with characterization, concepts, setting, movement, etc.. I’m sorry if they’re mostly fantasy and sci-fi pictures (I write mostly fantasy so that’s what inspires me), but I tried to include a little of everything.

See you soon!


Are Your Hands Wet?