The WooNoWriMo Diaries 2018 Day 9

Hey y’all,

Wooster Novel Writing Month continues. That’s (w)rite my dudes, we’re still going strong. *Name Redacted* has a strong lead of 9,000 words (What the flip!).

Hope: Wait… It’s 5,000 words?

*Name Redacted*: No, it’s 9,000 words.

HS: *mental math* what the flip?

NR: That’s because I got a really big lead and I’ve been maintaining it.

HS: Yeah… but you’ve been maintaining it.

NR: I guess… Wait, I was being interviewed. You should point out that I was paying absolutely no attention to you because I was playing Minesweeper, which is your fault.

I’m still doing a itty bitty goal of at least 100 words a day, and I’ve resorted to using my dnd campaign as part of my word count. So, I’m still writing a lot I guess.

*Name Redacted* is Blue

Hope is Orange


*Name Redacted*: 1,667 words per day.

Hope: 100+ words per day.

Are Your Hands Wet?